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Shane P. Saunderson

Plays well with others.

Welcome to my digital playground

My goal in life is to make the world around me smarter – humans and technology. I strive to evolve how humans perceive and leverage technology and work to redefine how technology interacts with humans. I believe that to do this effectively, I need to be able to play in many worlds.

This means that you’ll find me anywhere I can have an impact: speaking on a stage, tinkering in the lab, interacting in a board room, chatting at a pub, or annoying all of my friends at a party. Technology is too powerful to simply “let happen”; we need to approach digital transformation with open eyes and thoughtful discussion.

Read My Rambling

I like to shoot my mouth off on the internet. Sometimes it’s entertaining and enlightening; sometimes I come off like a raving madman. You be the judge.

Explore My Research

“Investigating Strategies for Robot Persuasion in Social Human-Robot Interaction
…or how I stopped worrying and learned to emotionally manipulate people with a robot (PDF)

How Robots Influence Humans: a Survey of Nonverbal Communication in Social Human-Robot Interaction
Everything you wanted to know about robot body language (but were afraid to ask) (PDF)

Robot Cooperative Behavior Learning using Single-Shot Learning from Demonstration and Parallel Hidden Markov Models
For the nerds in the house… written with lab mate J.F. Lafleche (PDF)

Let’s Play.

If you want to pick my brain or have me tinker with yours, get in touch.